Welcome to the Club

The Duck Lovers VIP Club gives you a lifetime membership and personal VIP access to the art of Van Ray. It is designed to provide a tailored experience for premium collectors,  making it easier than ever to  get informed and purchase the art of Van Ray.


Members  of the Duck Lovers VIP Club not only hold a highly rare digital piece of unique NFT art but also are able to keep, manage or resell the membership at anytime. It's all up to you, the holder of an exclusive Duck Lovers NFT.


The goal is to provide distinction to our large scale collectors by providing them with an extra bonus and exclusive content to a very limited circle. Since the artworks of Van Ray have found a broad interest of clients around the world we want to ensure that our premium collectors feel appreciated.


In order to become and identify as a world wide member of the Duck Lovers VIP Club you must first be the owner of an exclusive Duck Lovers NFT.

What's in it for you?

- A life time VIP Collectors Membership

- Personal online access to all available art works by Van Ray

- A worldwide 10% discount on all art work purchases

- Any available artwork delivered for viewing to a representing gallery near you, at no cost.

- Ownership of a unique VIP Duck Lovers NFT by Van Ray.

- Entry to VIP previews of upcoming exhibitions prior to the public opening.

- Exclusive annual VIP Collectors drops of limited collectibles or events by Van Ray.

- An option to resell the NFT (incl. your life time membership) whenever you want on your own behalf.

Become a VIP Member

Option 1 - Direct from the Studio:

The NFT can be acquired directly via the Studio by filling in the contact form below. After consultation the NFT will then be sent to your wallet address. If you don't have an Ethereum wallet, we will provide and send the NFT token on a Ledger hardware device directly to you. Please contact us for pricing information.


Option 2 - NFT Marketplace:

If you prefer anonymity, the NFT can be purchased via opensea.io. Please note that, in order to receive your online access and annual exclusive collectibles you will have to register your postal and email address to your personal token, by using the form below.


Option 3 - Secondary Market:

Acquire the NFT on the secondary market. Any Duck Lovers NFT found on the secondary market is not sold by Van Ray, but instead by a private collector and therefor pricing may differ. Please note, that in order to receive the full membership benefits you will have to register your self as described above.


If you are interested or have any questions on the VIP membership, pricing, the procedure or the conditions feel free to contact the studio by using the form below - we will be happy to answer all your requests and discuss all the details  personally!

Request for the Duck Lovers VIP Club

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